Mixology Classes Quebec Shake what your mama gave you at classes in cocktails in Quebec
Cocktail Making Classes Quebec - Fun Mixology Classes   Book your Cocktail Making Activity for hen parties in Quebec
Hire a Barman” - the No1 choice for Mixology Classes in Quebec for private and corporate parties since  2007. Book a fun mixology class and learn how to shake with the best there is, fun hands-on experiences  our Cocktail Classes are the best Quebec has on offer. Choose between Mobile Mixology Classes at your  location or a cocktail class at our venues in town and let us help you plan the perfect party!  Our Cocktail Making Classes are a fun way to learn the beautiful art of Mixology!   Join our amazing Cocktail Bartenders and book your place in the Best Mixology Classes in Quebec! Learn  how to make some of the funkiest drinks around under the “strict” supervision of your own personal  bartender! You will of course get to shake and then drink your own “creations”! Kick start your party  in  Quebec in style with “Hire a Barman” and let the fun begin! 
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Bachelorette Party Fun Mixology Classes Quebec   Fun bachelorette party activities in Quebec
We make booking a Mixology Class in Quebec as easy as 1...2...3! Simply decide on a date, send us an email  and get ready for shaking! Cocktails - learn to mix them, shake them and stir them like a pro! Whatever the  occasion, if you need a break from the norm then our Fun Mixology Classes in Quebec could really capture  your friend’s imaginations. Our classes are full hands on experience where you and the ladies will get your  hands dirty at making every drink demonstrated on the day by your own Mixologist!  Book a cocktail master class in Quebec and your charming bartender will teach you how to make, shake and  muddle your favourite cocktails in a fun and relaxed way! Cocktail Classes - the perfect starter for your  Bachelorette Party in Quebec! Cosmopolitans, Mojitos, Strawberry Daiquiris - you will learn how to shake  them all. Sounds good? Why don’t you send us an email here and let us help you put together the perfect  night at your next hen party in Quebec! 
We make booking fun activities at home in Quebec a snap. Let us help you plan an extravagant party at home in Quebec on a  budget which will not break the  bank: learn to make cocktails, shake your booty with a dance class, enjoy a delicious garden barbecue and then get ready to hit the town! Best hen parties in  Quebec? Sure, only with “Hire A Barman”! Send us an email today and get ready to party in style!
Private Mixology Classes at Home in Quebec   Mixology Classes Quebec - Bachelorette & Birthdays Parties At Home
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Cocktail Making Classes Quebec  Learn to make the best cocktails with our Cocktail Making Classes for hens
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