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Bachelorette Party Mixology Classes  Mobile Mixology Classes at your house in Ottawa
Shake, stir, strain and of course sip some of the most  iconic cocktails ever created. The team at Hire a  Mixologist will guide you through the process of  cocktail making and demonstrations whilst tantalising  your taste buds with all the tricks of the trade before  you will be let loose to shake your own!
Birthday Party Mixology Classes Ottawa  Mixology Classes at best cocktail bars in Ottawa 
Cocktail Making Classes: the best Mixology classes at  bars and pubs in Ottawa. Learn how to shake your  drink in a popular bar in town where your own private  cocktail bartender will teach you the secrets of the  beautiful art called Mixology! Book your session on-  line today!
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Fun Cocktail Making Parties for Bachelorette’s & Birthday Parties Learn to Shake like a Pro in Ottawa amazing cocktails with Hire a Barman
Shake things up a 'lil bit at your Bachelorette Party in Ottawa - you're all invited to get your mix on at one of  our infamous cocktail masterclasses! For the Best Mixology Classes in Ottawa send us an email here and let  our charming and skilled bartenders kick start your Bachelorette Party in style! A Mixology Class is the  perfect Bachelorette Party activity to start your night in Ottawa, we have the best bartenders and the best  venues where you and the girls will be treated like queens!  Learn how to make your favourite drinks at a cocktail making master class for bachelorette parties in  Ottawa  with “Hire a Barman”. Love cocktail making? Then you will get to love our team, send us an email  here and book your fun Bachelorette Party cocktail mixology class in Ottawa today! 
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Kick start your Bachelorette Party in Ottawa with a Mixology Class  Bachelorette Party Games Ottawa on Shannon - Cocktail Making Classes
An exciting introduction to the world of Cocktails presented in a  fun and relaxed environment - the perfect  activity for your Bachelorette Party visit in Ottawa. Our Mixologist will teach you methods of Cocktail Making,  stirring, shaking, layering, muddling, straining, smashing... and of course drinking. You will get to shake a  range of Classic and Contemporary Cocktails such as: Cosmopolitans, Daiquiris, Caipirinhas, Woo Woo’s,  Mojitos, Martinis and much more…  Host a mixology class in Ottawa from the comfort of your home or apartment we will send all the  equipment and glasses needed plus a charming & good looking bartender to look after you ladies! Sweet,  fresh or mild - we’re talking cocktails now - choose the ones your girls will love the most or let us suggest  some and get ready to shake the night away with “Hire a Barman”! 
Cocktail Mixology Classes For Team Building Events in Ottawa Fancy yourself as a Mojito maker or a gin fizz fiend? Whether you're planning a bachelorette do in Ottawa, or a birthday night out, hey, even if you just want to see if you've got the goods to beat Tom Cruise in a cocktail-off, check out our cocktail making classes in Ottawa, and become a master mixologist!
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Shake things up at your bachelorette in Ottawa with a Cocktail Making Class Best Cocktail Making in Ottawa for bachelorette Parties only with “Hire a Barman CA”
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